The initial years of school are the most critical for children because the foundation is being set up. This time is critical for the growth and development of our tiny toddlers. We stress on the basic skills in the 3R’s Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, but we don’t stop there. We focus on developing creativity, communication and confidence. Mother teacher concept is followed throughout.

Classes VI-VIII

The movement from primary school to middle school is also very crucial as the children are growing up and developing a stronger sense of self. The content is modified to suit student’s immediate environment and strategies are adopted to enhance their skills of observation, communication, reflection etc. Projects and activities are an integral part of this curriculum.


Overall development means that academic and non academic subjects go hand in hand and students get ample opportunities to learn, participate, and grow. We currently offer the following subjects as extra and co-curricular along with core subjects for all our classes

  1. Taekwondo
  2. Music & Dance
  3. Art & Craft
  4. Communication
  5. Socially Useful and Productive Work

Classes I-V

As students move from kindergarten to primary classes, the expectations change drastically. We help them discover and explore their strengths with particular emphasis on the development of oral and reading skills. Areas of study in these classes are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environment Studies, and Computer Literacy. Along with the books, a lot of scenarios are created for the students to ensure the learning is not just through books, but experiential in nature.

Classes IX-X

While preparing students for the CBSE Board, we focus a lot on their prediction skills, graphic skills, answering skills and retention skills. Everything to ensure they focus and secure their best results.

Along with developing concepts, we meet the challenge to work on their ability to apply the acquired knowledge to day-to-day life situations and to be able to use what they have learnt. Projects and activities are an integral part of this curriculum. Tests and examinations are done regularly and methodically, in line with the CBSE pattern.

Beyond this, students are constantly supported in choosing the best stream going further, keeping in mind their interest and aptitude.