We don’t just teach students what is written in the books, we give them the education that will take them very far in their lives. We train students by mixing technology with experience and make them develop a love for learning. So don’t wait and reach out today – to make your child a passionate learner who has the confidence to lead.

    Fee Payment Schedule and description:

    • Annual School Fee covers the charges of school education for the child, and includes charges like examination fee etc.
    • It is payable quarterly along with Transport charges.
    • Fee is payable into school account on annual basis /quarterly basis / monthly basis
    • The Fee can be paid through Online Fee Payment option on our School app
    1st Quarter 15th April 2021
    2nd Quarter 15th July 2021
    3rd Quarter 15th October 2021
    4th Quarter 15th January 2022

    Click here to download the Fee Structure